I always dreamt of having a burger place with the best mouth watering burgers as seen on American TV. Growing up with this dream, I never thought that it would ever happen. However, my family and I decided that the Ghajnsielem Football Club  would be a perfect venue for this dream to come true. After a huge renovation of the venue  and the creation of a simple menu in 2011, the ClubHouse was ready to embark on an adventure in building a Gozitan and Maltese clientele. The initial simple menu in our first year at the ClubHouse turned out to be successful. During that year we looked forward on to how we can expand the  business.

This is when we decided to add more burgers on the menu. From the initial 2 burgers in the first menu, the second menu ended up with 14 different ones. In the meantime we started making our own patties with an 80/20 meat to fat ratio. The new burger menu went down well with our customers especially in terms of quality and cost. This can be witnessed by the comments left on the ClubHouse Trip Advisor  page. After the success we had with the new burgers it was our turn to give something back as a good cause for those in need. In December  2014, we broke the record of making the biggest burger in the Maltese Islands. Our name was written in the Maltese record books of producing a 98kg burger. Portions of the burger were all sold in aid of the Puttinu foundation.
The ClubHouse - Burger 804 is a modernly designed Sports Bar, Restaurant Burger House and Pizzeria that truly meets your expectations. The great food, flowing appetizers,  entertainment and the great value for money is what makes the ClubHouse so special!

Our Restaurant serves the best dishes with the freshest ingredients. Whatever you decide to choose from our menu to satisfy your palate, the ClubHouse will ensure to provide you  an exceptional gastronomical experience. Our mission is to keep giving our customers the best service by making them feel at home at the ClubHouse! Last but not least the ClubHouse also brings you the best entertainment. Our Summer Friday Nights have been growing ever so popular with live music and terrace BBQs.